Bathing Waters Bill

In July 2018 I introduced the Bathing Waters Bill to the house for its first reading. My bill gives the Environment Agency additional powers to control and reduce discharge from combined sewer overflows; to make other provision about bathing water quality and clean beach initiatives.

In the creation of the Bathing Waters Bill I had meetings with the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, The Secretary of State for the Environment, Food, and Rural affairs, and senior level civil servants.

The Bathing Waters Bill is a great opportunity for North Cornwall to lead the way in national legislation which will benefit the whole country after Brexit and will be introduced as part of the wider Environment bill.

You can read more about it, and how the bill will proceed through parliament here:


Bathing Waters Bill update

I've had productive discussions with Defra officials regarding my Bathing Waters Bill which aims to radically reduce sewage pollution in our marine environment.