Environment and Wind Turbines

We are privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the country, let's keep it that way and stop unwanted developments.

North Cornwall is an area of outstanding natural beauty and Scott will continue to fight to keep it that way. Cornwall has been officially named as the most picturesque county in England, our beaches and countryside regularly win awards. We need to protect our countryside from unwanted wind-turbine developments, and other inappropriate planning submissions that would harm our landscapes that are so valued by tourists.

We now have enough onshore wind power to meet our renewables target, so should end taxpayer funded subsidies for newly planned projects and give local communities the decisive say on them. Only a Conservative government would deliver that.

Conservatives in Government have already changed planning rules in England to give greater protection for landscape and heritage and we will go further and amend planning policy in England to give even greater protection to locally valued landscape, heritage and other local concerns.