Fairer Funding for North Cornwall's Schools

Scott has been campaigning for the Government to address the disparity in pupil funding between urban and rural schools and implement a new fairer funding formula.

It has been the case for many years that a pupil in a school in one part of the country can receive over 50 per cent more funding than a pupil in an identical school in another part of the country, and it is important to make schools and early education funding fairer.

Scott has therefore joined other MPs from across the UK in calling for a fairer funding model which recognises the challenges facing schools in rural areas like North Cornwall. In October 2015, Scott signed a letter to the Prime Minister along with 110 other MPs asking that school funding be made fairer and repeated these calls in Parliament on a number of occassions.

In July 2017, the Government announced £1.3 billion extra for schools, and in September after lengthy consultation with schools and the public, it revealed its new National Funding Formula which will implement a fairer funding model and deliver an increase in funding for every school and pupil in North Cornwall, with an average funding increase of 4.3%.


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Scott's speech in Parliament on the School Funding Debate

Was delighted to speak in today's School Funding debate in Parliament. I spoke on behalf of Cornish Headteacher's to raise the issue with lesser funding in North Cornwall as opposed to London.

Find my speech below:

Scott heralds more funding for Cornwall’s schools

Scott Mann has welcomed new school funding levels for which, after campaigning for the past two years for fairer funding, will see schools in North Cornwall receive significant increases.