NHS Dentists in Cornwall


How long have you been waiting for an NHS dentist?

We know there's a problem with finding an NHS dentist in Cornwall, and I've been working to solve it since long before the pandemic.  We know Covid has only made the situation worse.

But we don't know how many people are having difficulties getting seen.

Dentists don’t have “waiting lists” in the same way as GPs or hospitals – so even the NHS has no way of knowing how many people need dental treatment.  

I have compiled this survey with all the MPs in Cornwall so we can see who needs a dentist, and how long they've been waiting.

This will help us to make the case for additional resources for NHS Dentists in Cornwall.

With your permission, we can then pass this information on to the NHS.

If you are replying on behalf of other members of your family or friends, please fill out a separate survey for each patient.



Residents in North Cornwall have to travel considerable distances to access specialist NHS services. I shall campaign to get more frequent, local and specialised National Health clinics in North Cornwall.

I fully agree that as many services as possible should be provided locally. When elected I shall join my colleagues who want to expand the scope and responsibilities of the GP and community hospital services. I am determined that our excellent doctors, nurses, midwives, GPs and all other staff are given the support they need.

Access to NHS Dentistry in Cornwall