4G Annual Monitoring support

I am proud to be one of 41 MP’s who have written to Ofcom, on behalf of the all-Party Parliamentary Group on Rural business, to highlight the need for annual monitoring of mobile operators’ commitments on increasing rural 4G mobile coverage.

The included commitments are to provide another 500 radio masts around the country in rural areas and 90% geographic coverage across the UK; this hopes to see a reduction of spectrum sale in return.

Ofcom have recently made moves to maximise 4G coverage across the country including here in North Cornwall. Having more access to 4G across North Cornwall is firmly in everyone’s interest with greater coverage allowing for better communication access for both constituents and local businesses alike.

Separately I have also written to the churches in Cornwall to see if mobile companies can use the church steeples for broadcasting and boosting mobile signals.

I know how important this is for many of my constituents and we continue to fight for better coverage.