Kensey Foods statement

Having heard today's announcement about the Kensey Foods site in Launceston, my thoughts are with those workers and their families who are affected by the planned closure.

The Darwin Plus Initiative

It is great to see that seventeen innovative new projects around the globe will receive funding to protect rare species and iconic landscapes. The new £3.5 million share from the Darwin Plus initiative will extensively support the Governments 25 year Environmental plan.

Tregadillet Primary School visit

I was fascinated to hear about the constructive arguments and research that students have participated in at Tregadillet Primary School on my recent visit.

Holocaust Educational Trust Book

On Monday I signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, in doing so pledging my commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day and honouring those who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate young

Thoughts on PM's Brexit Statement

My thoughts on the Prime Minister's Brexit statement:

I am pleased that the Prime Minister has confirmed that no second referendum or extension of Article 50 will take place.

Domestic Abuse Bill

I was delighted to hear that the Government will publish a new Domestic Abuse Bill that will support victims and their families in addition to help pursue the offenders.

Lowlevel Letter Boxes bill

I was very happy to sponsor Vicky Ford MP's bill to prohibit low-level letter boxes being installed in new build houses.

Waterside Cornwall Resort

I was very pleased to see that the £30m holiday resort plans for Waterside Cornwall, formerly known as Lakeview Country Club, have recently been approved and that now plans are at work to develop this site.

North Cornwall break-ins

I'm disappointed to learn there have been a number of break-ins targeting vans belonging to tradesmen in North Cornwall.

Even when the stolen items are insured it takes a while to replace tools and equipment, meaning some people may suffer a loss of earnings.