National Autistic Society in Bodmin

I’m pleased to share that there is a free event happening this week in Bodmin hosted by the National Autistic Society. The event is to discuss various Autism related issues such as awareness and acceptance in addition to a talk to support Bodmin's Autism Friendly Town Development.

The talks will help to look at what Autism is, how it is presented, current thinking and how we can all become more inclusive and accepting.

This is part of a collective plan to make Bodmin Britain’s first Autism friendly town, set by Tigger, or potentially in the South West. There is a NAS criteria that must be met before this can happen however this meeting will help to push understanding Autism further.

The event is in the Old Library and it is a free session taking place Thursday 4th April from 7pm – 9pm. To book a place please follow the link: