£24m extra funding for social care in Cornwall welcomed by Scott

North Cornwall MP Scott Mann has welcomed the news that Cornwall will get an extra £24 million in adult social care funding over the next three years.

It comes after Scott wrote to Chancellor Philip Hammond in February calling for a boost in funding to address increasing demand on the sector.

In the Spring Budget last week, the Chancellor announced an extra £2 billion for the Better Care Fund, which pools central and local government money along with NHS funding to better address social care provision.

The extra cash will come to Cornwall over the next three years to help with adult social care provision, with £12,068,325 in 2017/18, £7,939,590 in 2018/19 and £3,943,423 in 2019/20.

In 2015/16, nearly £120m was allocated by Cornwall Council for Adult Care and Support.

The immediate boost means local authorities can start planning now for extra care provision for 2017/18.

Welcoming the news, Scott Mann said:

“I'm very pleased to see the Chancellor pledging an extra £24 million for social care in Cornwall and an extra £2 billion for the sector as a whole.

“I wrote to the Chancellor in February to highlight the extra pressures on social care because of our increasing elderly population, and in order to achieve proper integration with health care, it's important that it gets the funding it needs.

“The Better Care Fund has helped do this, but as is the case with NHS funding which is increasing by billions every year, social care funding also needs to increase, and I’m delighted to see this extra money being committed to Cornwall.

“I hope to hear a properly costed plan from Cornwall Council on how they plan to spend this extra money from the Government to ensure that the people of Cornwall benefit as much as possible.”