Scott calls on government to increase social care funding

North Cornwall MP Scott Mann has called on the Government to increase funding for social care to meet growing demands upon the sector – both in North Cornwall and nationally.

Ahead of the Budget in March, Scott Mann has written to Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond to highlight the growing demand upon the sector from an increasing and ageing population and to ask that the Treasury commit extra funds.

The MP said that an increase in funding for social care would not only directly help people in their homes, but would also help relieve pressure on the NHS.

Scott Mann said:

“In my letter I welcomed the Government’s Better Care Fund which is putting £5.3 billion into social care, as well as the Adult Social Care Support Grant which will provide £240 million to local authorities in 2017/18.

“However I also highlighted the extra pressures on the social care sector which often spill over on to the NHS. This puts our hospitals under extra strain when they are already facing high demand.

“I have therefore asked the Chancellor to increase central government funding for social care so that it can fully meet the demands upon it. The advances in medical science and healthcare mean people are living longer and surviving illnesses once thought incurable, which means the demand for social care is increasing all the time.

“That’s why it’s also very important that we integrate health and social care so that hospitals, local authorities and care providers can work together to ensure people get the care they need in their home rather than in hospital.

“I have therefore stressed the point to the Chancellor that an increase in social care funding would not only directly help people in their homes, but also the NHS and our A&E departments.

“I look forward to hearing the Chancellor’s Budget in March which I trust will be bring good news for the people of North Cornwall.”