Scott Mann urges Cornwall Council to consider residents’ concerns over Bodmin development proposals

North Cornwall MP Scott Mann has urged Cornwall Council to review the allocation of an area of moorland for housing in Bodmin after a wave of concerns were voiced by local residents and organisations.

Under plans drawn up by Cornwall Council to allocate land in 10 towns for housing and employment, an area of moorland on the outskirts of Bodmin has been earmarked for 770 homes, which has sparked concerns amongst local residents about the impact on wildlife and ecosystems in the area.

The Council’s Allocation Development Plan Document (DPD) has earmarked four areas in the town as future sites for housing, including the Halgavor Urban Extension Site, also known as Policy Bd-UE2. The site lies on the southern edge of Bodmin, either side of Lostwithiel Road.

Local residents fear that development will harm wildlife on moorland and wetland within the area, including deer, badgers, stoats, weasels, toads and bats. The Council itself states in the DPD that the site is located next to a flood zone. Local residents feels there has been a lack of consultation about the allocation of the land for housing and have approached Scott Mann for help.

Recognising the concerns of residents and the potential harm to local wildlife, Mr Mann has written to chief planning officers at Cornwall Council, urging them to take into account the concerns of local residents and to review its allocation of the site.

Mr Mann said:

“I have written to Cornwall Council to echo the concerns of local residents about the allocation of Halgavor Moor for over 700 homes.

“The moorlands and wetlands within the area are home to wildlife and ecosystems, and although I support the aim of providing more housing in Cornwall for its growing population, deep care and consideration must be given to natural habitats.

“There are other more appropriate sites allocated within the DPD for homes in Bodmin and these should be given priority for development. Given that this document has not yet been signed off by the Planning Inspectorate, it would concern me if the Council were already entering into negotiations with developers to build on this land.

“I have therefore called on the Council to take on board the concerns being raised by local residents and interested organisations before it continues down the path of allocating Halgavor Moor for housing and giving the green light for development.”