Scott meets with Heathrow to discuss importance of expansion for Cornish economy

Scott Mann has met with Heathrow Airport in Parliament to discuss its importance to the Cornish economy and the creation of a new link with Newquay through the construction of a third runway.

The Government has pledged its support for a third runway at Heathrow which will allow it to serve an extra 28 million passengers, double its freight capacity and lay on an additional 113,000 additional flights a year across the UK, including to Newquay Airport.

During the meeting in Parliament, Scott discussed how a third runway would allow more businesses in Cornwall to export their products, including award-winning food and drink which have a short shelf life and rely on air travel.

Scott Mann said:

"Heathrow Airport is the UK's biggest port by value for non-EU exports, with nearly £106 billion worth of non-EU trade passing through in 2017. The lack of an air link with Newquay is stopping us from tapping into a huge trading gateway, and the construction of a third runway will ensure that passengers and freight can once again travel to Newquay via Heathrow.

"Cornwall produces some of the finest food and drink products in the UK, and the return of an air link will enable these products to be flown across the globe in a matter of hours which will increase revenues, attract investment and create jobs. As a hub airport, millions of people travel through Heathrow to get to their destination, and a link with Newquay will also be a huge boost for our tourism and business sectors as people can get to Cornwall faster and more easily."