Scott promotes North Cornwall as the place for coding

Scott Mann is welcoming technology companies to locate to North Cornwall as well as broadending opportunuties for school pupils to learn more about computer coding and gaming.

In Parliament Scott attended a coding event with Microsoft to learn more about how software is made through coding and how it is the bedrock of anything run by a computer. From next year, all year 7 pupils will receive their own chip and learn how use coding.

Scott said:

"The career options for school leavers who can code are incredible. I will be pushing North Cornwall as a viable business location for coding and gaming companies, particularly in areas with excellent broadband speeds. I believe we can make North Cornwall a tech zone in the future, working with schools, colleges and businesses."

The Government recently announced that a Universal Service Obligation (USO) will be put in place for broadband, which means everyone in the UK will expect to receive a minimum inernet speed of 10Mbps.

The USO will be demand-led and will give people a legal right to request an affordable connection to broadband of a minimum specified speed, from a designated provider, no matter where they live, up to a reasonable cost threshold. This reflects that many people now see broadband as a basic service similar to the post and telephone.   

As the country makes great strides towards better connectivity a USO will help to ensure that people in harder to reach areas are not left behind.