Scott welcomes new support for public toilets in Budget

Following campaigning from Scott Mann and fellow Cornish MP Steve Double, the Chancellor has announced that the government will introduce mandatory 100% business rates relief for all public lavatories to help keep them oen.

The relief will apply to all toilets, publicly or privately owned, that serve the public.

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, said:

“Along with my colleague Steve Double, I have worked hard behind the scenes to lobby in support of the local amenities which support our Cornish economy.

"It is fantastic news that the Chancellor has announced that the government will introduce 100% business rates relief for all public lavatories and that will apply to all lavatories whether publicly or privately owned that serve the public.

"This will help not just Cornwall but communities across the UK. I feel this is a great example of Cornwall’s voice being heard in the centre of government, not just for Cornwall, but for the benefit of the whole country."

Anne Minnis, clerk for Wadebridge Town Council said:

“We are extremely pleased with the Chancellor’s removal of business rates on public toilets. Wadebridge Town Council devolved two sets of public toilets from Cornwall Council in 2013 and, along with other Town and Parish Councils who have taken on these services, have felt that the system of business rates on such an essential provision was very unfair.

"We are grateful to our MP Scott Mann for lobbying on behalf of Wadebridge and North Cornwall.”

Steve Facer, Town Clerk for Bodmin Town Council said:

“Bodmin Town Council is extremely pleased with the government's announcement that business rates on public toilets will be removed. Business rates on public toilets was a large and unnecessary cost burden on these vitally important services which in Bodmin's case are free to use and generate no income for the council.

“Bodmin Town Council has provided public toilets since the mid-1990s and the application of business rates on these facilities has been a long standing cause for complaint by the local council sector. The 100% business rate relief on these facilities is welcomed.”

In a statement on behalf of Bude & Stratton Mayor Cllr Bob Willingham, the town council said it is delighted at the Chancellor’s budget announcement that public lavatories are to receive 100% mandatory business rates relief. Having taken them over from Cornwall Council on licence, the Town Council currently operates four sites in Bude as an important service to locals and visitors alike. The Town Council is also actively exploring the options to re-open two closed sites in Poughill and Stratton. This welcome reduction in costs will assist in the affordability of achieving that aim.