Statement on Dominic Cummings

Many of you have shared with me, personal sacrifices you have made over the last nine weeks, being unable to see friends or family, say goodbye to loved ones in hospital and having all our liberties curtailed whilst we deal with Covid-19.

 I completely understand and can relate to the anger that many of you have expressed to me over the last few days. I wanted to get the full details of the case before responding on the matter. I have learnt in my time in politics that speaking out without having access to all the available information can, and in some cases does, lead to bad decision making.

I feel I am now able to write back to you about the actions Mr Cummings has taken. I have spent the last nine weeks telling people to stay at home, not travel to second homes and I have personally called for the Government to limit the distance people can travel to exercise. It appears that this journey has gone against the message I have been giving out to protect my constituents.

Mr Cummings clearly wanted to protect his child and make sure that whatever happened to himself or his wife his child was safe. As any parent would do when a difficult situation presents itself, you must consider the protection of your child, their safety, and their wellbeing. Mr Cummings made his decision based on his interpretation of the exceptional circumstances in the guidance.

Whilst I can sympathise with the situation that Mr Cummings found himself in, ultimately the decision was his to take and the ramifications of that decision are also his to bear. I wholeheartedly appreciate the strength of feeling that has been shared with me by my constituents and will make sure these feelings are known with those at the top of Government.

I do not intend to make further comments on this matter as I wish to continue to focus my attention on the health and wellbeing of the people of North Cornwall.