Waste System Overhaul

I’m pleased with the news that the government is planning on overhauling the waste system in the UK. The plan is to send consultations to overhaul the waste system, cut plastic pollution, and move towards a more circular economy.

Under the new plans, packaging producers would have to pay the full cost of dealing with their waste and all households would follow a standard set of recycling requirements which would make recycling easier.

These plans are fully welcomed and I strongly believe that we must cut plastics around the UK, especially in North Cornwall, to ensure that our environment is kept in a healthy, natural way.

A Deposit Return Scheme could also be introduced in the hopes that it could drive up recycling of an estimated three billion plastic bottles.

We should be doing all we can to preserve our environment and encourage regular recycling here in North Cornwall.

To read more on these plans pleased follow the link provided: https://www.gov.uk/…/government-sets-out-plans-to-overhaul-…