World Parkinson's Day 2019

I’m proud to be supporting World Parkinson’s Day on the 11th April. Parkinson’s is a serious neurological condition in which 2 people in the space of an hour will be diagnosed in the UK.

According to recent research from Parkinson’s UK, 8 in 10 people with Parkinson’s believe that awareness and understanding is low because people don’t consider it to be a serious condition - and only associate it with one symptom - a tremor.

Raising awareness can help people to see symptoms in themselves or those they love to ensure that they get the fantastic treatment that our 
NHS delivers to their patients.

UK Parkinson’s campaign, which launches on World Parkinson’s Day, aims to shatter public misconceptions about the condition by highlighting the reality of everyday life for those living with it and their families

I urge everyone to visit the charities website,, to learn more about the condition and learn how to raise awareness for the condition.