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Bypass for Camelford

Scott is campaigning for a bypass in Camelford to address traffic congestion and air quality issues

Better Broadband for North Cornwall

Scott is actively helping people in North Cornwall who don't have a fast or reliable internet connection.

Even the most basic of tasks requires access to the internet. From established farmers to new small businesses, a fast and reliable broadband connection is crucial.

Better Railways

Scott is campaigning to get a better railway infrastructure in North Cornwall and the South West to make it easier and faster for the people of North Cornwall to travel via rail

Fairer Funding for North Cornwall's Schools

Scott wants the Government to address the disparity between pupil funding in urban and rural schools.It remains the case that a school in one part of the country can receive over 50 per cent more funding than an identical school in another part of the country, and it is important to make schools and early education funding fairer.

Brexit for North Cornwall

In June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. 17.5 million people voted to leave - the biggest mandate for anything in British political history. Scott wants to see North Cornwall benefit from Brexit, especially its farming and fishing sectors, while continuing to receive regional funding

Save Public toilets

Public toilets are under threat of closure in Cornwall, and Scott wants to see them remain open through a change in finance and law. Like shops, public toilets are subject to Non-domestic rate payments, otherwise known as business rates. This, on top of maintenance costs and water bills, means they are not cheap for local authorities to run.