Better Broadband for North Cornwall

Scott is actively helping people in North Cornwall who don't have a fast or reliable internet connection.

Even the most basic of tasks requires access to the internet. From established farmers to new small businesses, a fast and reliable broadband connection is crucial.

In the past few years, the Superfast Cornwall organisation and BT have rolled out superfast broadband across the county and have reached 95% coverage.

There are, however, many households and businesses who do not have a fast or reliable standard broadband service, let alone access to superfast broadband.

Not only is this frustrating for the standard home user, but it also stunts growth for businesses.

Every week Scott and his team are helping constituents with broadband issues, and they have now created a broadband 'not-spot' map which plots all those in North Cornwall who would like superfast broadband.

Eventually, this can be used to show BT and other service providers and partners where future customers lie.

The Government is also addressing broadband provision through its new Universal Service Obligation (USO). This will be legislated for through the Digital Economy Bill which will introduce a minimum broadband connection of 10Mbps for every household that wants it.

Scott will be taking an active role in this Bill to highlight broadband issues in North Cornwall, and he has also met with people within the internet industry to explore viable alternatives for those who have a poor landline connection, from satellite to mobile broadband.

Scott also supports the Fix Bad Broadband campaign by consumer organisation Which?, which can be found here.

If you have an issue with your broadband or wish to be part of the 'not-spot' map, then you can contact Scott and his team via the contact page.



Mobile phone boost for North Cornwall communities

Consumers and businesses in North Cornwall are now able to benefit from much-improved 4G mobile phone coverage following further upgrades in the area by EE, the UK’s largest mobile operator and part of the BT Group.