Scott Mann MP: Reporting back - May 2020

It is hard to believe as I write this that we are in the first week of May, the year is flying by and I know that all of you want things to go back to normal. I share your frustrations and I am keen to get back to normality too. We have all played our part in keeping the numbers of cases in the South West low, and Cornwall has some of the lowest cases in the South West. This is because we have all played our part in helping the NHS  and it is our front-line public services who I want to pay tribute to in my column this week.

Our NHS staff are fighting a public health crisis against an unseen enemy, at great risk to themselves and their families. I am very proud of all of our health care workers and the job they are doing, many people have contacted me to highlight the great job they are doing on our behalf, and I hope people will continue to take part in the eight o’clock claps to show appreciation.

Our Police force has also been on the front line dealing with the crisis, and although there are fewer people around, we must still be vigilant about crime. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for their effort protecting Cornwall during this pandemic.

It was disappointing to read that people are still ignoring the lockdown protocols and visiting Cornwall. I have previously joined my MP colleagues, and friends on the Council, in asking people to “come back later”, when Cornwall will once again welcome all our visitors. The case of one couple visiting all the way from Kent which was highlighted in the national media was particularly unimpressive, and to anybody thinking of visiting us at this time I say again, please, stay at home and protect lives.

My team has been working flat out dealing with constituent casework over the past few weeks and arranging support, directing help for NHS workers, liaising with the highest levels of government on behalf of North Cornwall. They have told me that despite the circumstances, North Cornwall is resilient, and they are taking great pride in supporting this great constituency. Our priority at the moment is to ensure that our businesses and local communities are supported so that when this storm passes we can reopen for business and go back to our lives with as little disruption as possible.

We can and will get through this by working together. Please continue to visit my website and social media for daily updates and information. I have now published ten in-depth business updates with the latest guidance for employers and employees, and I will continue to ensure you are all given the latest info from Westminster.