Scott Mann MP: Reporting back - Special update

There were some big wins for North Cornwall in the budget this week, as I welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement of £500k in seed funding for the Camelford bypass. The funding commitment represents the first stage of the Government’s financial commitment to the project.

The seed funding is a clear statement of intent by the Chancellor to upgrade and revolutionise North Cornwall’s road infrastructure. A new road bypassing the town of Camelford has been talked about for almost a century, but this Government will deliver. Since my election in 2015, a Camelford bypass has been a key priority for me and I have taken the case from my initial petition to the highest levels of Westminster.

The local council and the head of transport, Nigel Blackler, have been instrumental in supporting the bypass project and I would like to thank them. However, it is the people of Camelford and the surrounding area and their vocal support for this scheme which has made the real difference. Their backing has given me real strength when taking the case for this new road to the highest levels of government.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused severe disruption around the world; the pandemic is a cause for concern and all levels of government, Public Health England and the NHS are taking the threat seriously and working hard to contain it. Our economy and our public services are robust, and we find ourselves going into this coronavirus outbreak in a strong place. There will undoubtedly be disruption to supply chains and production. As a government, we must support people and provide a bridge for business during this temporary drop in our economic outlook. SMEs with under 250 workers make up the majority of businesses in North Cornwall, and the Government is using fiscal action to support these businesses by refunding all Statutory Sick Pay for 14 days from the first day of illness.

We will ensure that the NHS has all the resources it needs to combat coronavirus. We will support people if they fall ill by paying statutory sick pay for all workers advised to self-isolate from the very first day. Many of my constituents are self-employed and we will support you by making it quicker and easier to access benefits – from the very first day of illness. The minimum income floor will also be removed for Universal credit.  The Government has also implemented a £500m hardship fund for local authorities.

It is important to me that my constituents receive up to date information concerning the outbreak, and I will be posting updates from the Government and NHS on my website and on my Facebook page. Information for the public on the outbreak of coronavirus, including the current situation in the UK, and information about the virus and its symptoms is available on the Government’s website. These pages will be continually updated