Make milk part of meal deals, says Scott to the Prime Minister

Scott Mann, has asked the Prime Minister to support calls for milk to be offered in supermarket meal deals as part of a campaign to promote milk as part of a healthy diet.

Speaking in yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons, Mr Mann said dairy was “very important for growing children” and asked Theresa May if she would back his campaign to ask supermarkets to promote milk by including it in ‘meal deals’. Scott also praised Britain’s dairy farmers and asked the Prime Minister to join him in raising a glass of milk to them during Christmas.

Scott said:

“As the Prime Minister will be aware, dairy is very important for growing children. The sector is integral to Great British food and ​drink.

“As the chairman of the dairy all-party parliamentary group, may I ask whether she will support our campaign next year to rebrand milk, to ask supermarkets to include it as part of their meal deal selections and as part of a healthy diet to promote drinking milk in schools?”

The Prime Minister responded by saying:

“I am very happy to join my honourable friend in commending the work of our dairy farmers. He talks about the importance of dairy. He is, rightly, a great advocate for rural issues. It is one of the most efficient, innovative and high-quality dairy industries in the EU.

“I am sure the Environment Secretary will be very happy to discuss the particular points he raises, but I join him in recognising the importance of our dairy industry.”