NHS funding announcements

Over the past week, the Government has announced a series of investments to improve our NHS on the frontline for its staff and patients.

More specifically, on top of the extra £33,900,000 a year we’ve committed to putting into the NHS to secure its long-term future- the largest cash settlement in its history - this week the Government has announced:

• A new £1,800,000,000 package for hospitals across the country, including 20 new building and infrastructure projects, demonstrating our commitment to the NHS delivering world class services in world class facilities;

• New, comprehensive proposals to fix issues with senior clinicians’ pensions, which will allow top nurses, doctors, GPs and other high-earning clinicians to take on additional NHS work and contribute more clinical care within the pension tax relief allowances, to help cut waiting times; and,

• A £250,000,000 investment in a new National Artificial Intelligence Lab, that will help to build cutting-edge treatments for cancer, dementia and heart disease, and support our NHS to become a world leader in artificial intelligence and health research,

These investments reaffirm the Prime Minister’s commitment to ensuring money committed to the NHS reaches the frontline, and will provide real benefit to all parts of the country.

But this is just the start. We’re also preparing a new Health Infrastructure Plan, a new and strategic major hospital rebuilding programme – to ensure this country has the necessary health infrastructure for years to come.