Royal Cornwall Show 2019 - North Cornwall hosts the county's largest annual event

The Royal Cornwall Show showcases the best of food and farming. It is our county's largest annual event which benefits agriculture, tourism and the economy and I am proud that we get to host it in North Cornwall.

One of the many organisations in attendance this year is The Farming Health Hub. This is the first of its kind to be developed in England and is a totally new concept where organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors will join together to provide advice, support and guidance to farming communities in a local setting.

The aim of the Farming Health Hub is to offer a range of support within three key areas:

- General physical health checks for farmers and farm workers.

- Mental health support, including managing stress, anxiety and depression and coping with rural isolation and loneliness.

- Business development support, including financial and legal health checks and advice, support with education and training and applications for grant funding and welfare support.

The Farming Health Hub team are encouraging people to visit them at The Royal Cornwall Show to allow them to further gauge and better understand how they can meet and deliver the needs of the farming community.