Scott welcomes £2bn boost for social care and business rate cuts in Spring Budget

MP for North Cornwall Scott Mann has welcomed today’s Budget which pledges a £2bn boost for social care funding, cuts to business rates for small firms and pubs, consultation on dangerous ciders and a revised increase in economic growth.

Scott Mann said:

“I’m very pleased to see a boost for social care funding in today’s Budget.  I wrote to the Chancellor just recently calling for an increase in funding, as it is clear that the sector in Cornwall needs more money for an increasing elderly population.

“The Government has already been committing billions in funding through the Better Care Fund, but more is needed and I’m pleased to see that the Chancellor has pledged an extra £2bn today, half of which will be available for next year.

“I’m also very pleased to see a £1,000 rebate for pubs in North Cornwall and a total of £735m for firms affected by business rate increases through rate caps and a hardship fund. The Chancellor’s announcement that he will consult on a higher level of duty for dangerous ‘white cider’ is also very welcome, as this is something I lobbied for alongside other MPs last month.

“Today’s Budget has shown that the British economy is resilient. Before the EU Referendum, we saw all sorts of scare stories about recessions and negative growth. Today, growth has actually been revised up to 2 per cent while borrowing has been revised down, and this is being reflected in Cornwall where we are seeing increasing employment and flourishing enterprise.”

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