Brexit for North Cornwall

On 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. 17.5 million people voted to leave - the biggest mandate for anything in British political history.

Cornwall voted 56.5% - 43.5% to leave the EU, with North Cornwall voting 60% - 40% to leave.

Before the EU Referendum, Scott campaigned for Leave because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Britain to take back control of its laws, its judiciary, billions of pounds in contributions and its territorial fishing waters.

Now that the UK has voted to Leave, Scott will be campaigning to get a good deal for North Cornwall's most important EU-related sectors: 


A British Agricultural Policy which delivers a fairer deal for farmers.

One where farm payments are simpler and easier; where the Government actively promotes British produce at home and abroad; where the Government no longer has to adhere to EU competition rules, which means British companies and farmers can be chosen to provide food for civil servants and the Armed Forces; and a supply of skilled labour from both British and foreign workforces.


A British Fisheries Policy which sees the UK take back control of its territorial fishing waters which are currently overseen by the EU when it comes to fishing quotas, rules and regulation.

Scott wants the Government to make sure that British waters are not used as a bargaining chip in negotiations and that it supports fishing communities to grow and become vibrant towns and villages. By taking back control of quotas, the UK can prioritise its own fisherman while overseeing vital management and conservation of fish stocks.


A regional funding programme which invests in Cornwall.

Currently, Cornwall is a net beneficiary of EU funds. These are allocated to the county by Brussels, with money invested in infrastructure and enterprise. As the UK only gets half its membership fee back from the EU, Scott argues that there is no reason why a form of regional funding cannot continue after Brexit, but without the bureaucracy and hoop-jumping associated with Brussels.



Scott Mann MP's speech on the Fisheries Bill

We are an island nation and our seas are integral to our history. Some individuals have told me time and again that fishing is a tiny part of the UK's GDP.

Agriculture after Brexit

I recently asked The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, what steps his Department is taking to support the agricultural sector after the UK leaves the EU; and whether he plans to introduce a distinct and internationally recognised UK standard for agricultural goods based

Britain Beyond Brexit

I was very proud to contribute to The Centre for Policy Studies new publication, 'Britain Beyond Brexit', a collection of essays by almost 40 leading politicians, edited by George Freeman MP



Although I will give every consideration to the Prime Minister’s latest proposal, as I did with the 585-page Withdrawal Agreement, the initial signs suggest that I will be unable to support it for several reasons.

Scott's voting record on Brexit delay (April 10th 2019)

Over 31'000 people (60%) from North Cornwall, myself included, voted to leave the EU in 2016. Last night I was asked to turn my back on them and delay Brexit again. I refused and voted AGAINST the delay.